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How C. Rosa Started:

Jewelry has always been a big part of my life. I remember walking around as a little kid with my hands full of rings, and my neck full of necklaces.

I always knew I wanted to have my own business, so a jewelry company was just meant to be. My parents have always inspired me to be independent. Watching them both have their own business, has made me believe i can pursue my own dream.

The name C. Rosa originates from my 97 year old Portuguese grandmother Carolina Rosa. Ever since I was a little girl i remember her walking around with the most beautiful gold rings. 5 rings on each hand, as extra as that. I always used to borrow them even though they were way too big, that didn't stop me. She also had a pair of beautiful gold hoops with a heart pendant at the bottom. Those were my absolute favorite earrings, as they were so elegant. Her jewelry is where i get my love of jewelry from.

I started this company by importing items and reselling them. Just as we know the e-commerce world the best! But i quickly realised that i loved designing jewelry myself, and i started doing that with a few pieces. Now my business consists of imported items and my own handmade designs. 

I try to incorporate what I loved about my grandmothers jewelry into the jewelry I design, and hope to make it special for the person wearing it. The goal is that one day i will be able, to have all of my jewelry personally designed. 

I want every order to be special, so every package sent is hand packaged by me and handled carefully.

- Xx, Katia Modesto


C. Rosa as a brand:

C. Rosa is jewelry brand located in Copenhagen, created in June of 2020. We created this brand with the thought of looking and feeling luxurious without having to pay a fortune. We want everyone to be able to feel at their best, just by adding some jewelry to their outfit. 

We focus on creating looks for every kind of outfit, classy, fancy, or just for a day to day look. 


Right of withdrawal:

When purchasing from C. Rosa you always get 14-days right of withdrawal on unused items, and original packaging. If you wish to withdraw your purchase or exchange it contact us on our e-mail.

To regret your purchase send us an e-mail on:    c.rosa.cph@gmail.com



We get so many questions about collaboration, and here is your answer! We always love to collaborate with our lovely followers, so if you have 5000+ followers, and would like to partner up with C. Rosa, send us a DM on instagram: @c.rosa.jewelry or an e-mail: c.rosa.cph@gmail.com


We hope you like our jewelry, if you have any questions you are always welcome to send us a DM on instagram: @c.rosa.jewelry or an e-mail: c.rosa.cph@gmail.com. 

Thank you so much for reading about us. 





CVR NR: 42099295 

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